Brief Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internship In Faysal Bank Sialkot Cantt Branch

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5.4.1 Brief Introduction of internee’s office/branch:
I did my internship in faysal bank sialkot cantt branch. Let me give a brief introduction of this branch. Faysal bank sialkot cantt branch is located on Azeez shaheed road, cantt area of the city. There are many other banks like MCB Bank, HBL, Women bank, Allied bank on this road as well.
This is a very busy area of city because it’s the main route for many other roads.
Due to all of the banks mentioned above this area creates a very competitive environment in the city. During my internship I observed many government institution and semi-government institution and colleges etc have accounts in this bank. An advantage of Faysal Bank’s location is that cities many
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Sales Department:-
In Sales department creation of customer account takes place.
Types of accounts of faysal bank are as following:-
i. Current Account:-
Faysal bank offers two types of current accounts which are:
1) Saholat Account.
2) Business first
The minimum balance of current accounts is 5ooo. If the balance is less than 5000, 50 Rs. shall be deducted monthly. Zakat is not deducted from such accounts. ii. Saving Account:-
Faysal bank offers two types of saving accounts:-
1) Moaving Account
2) PLS account (Salary account)
The minimum balance of Moaving account is 20,000. PLS is no profit no Loss account. Zakat is deducted on Saving Accounts.

Dormant Account:-
If customer doesn’t use his account for six months continuously, His account status becomes dormant.
Re-activation Process:-
If a customer wants to reactive his dormant account. He will have to make an initial credit transaction (e.g 100 Rs) besides filling dormant reactivation form. 1 CNIC photocopy is required with dormant reactivation request. After that the KYC of the customer is done.
II- Service Department:-
I also worked in the service department during my internship. This department overviews Lockers, Cheques, ATM services to its

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