Brief Analysis About Integrated Reporting

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The brief analysis about Integrated Reporting Introduction Since the IIRC was found in 2010, the settlement of integrated reporting has been considered and confirmed by various committees. With the global development and the coming of information stage, the enterprises are confronting with more different and comprehensive outside environments. The decision-making and corporate thinking need take more outside factors into consideration rather than the financial data from the traditional financial reports. This essay states the main ideas and researches during series of group studies. It will focus on three conversional topics from four factors. On the first part, this essay will explain the core definition of integrated and carding the…show more content…
The traditional financial report is established on the basis of historical cost ignoring the influence and lacking of social contribution. For this reason, it is accepted that the reflection and information from the traditional financial report is not complete (Blair, 1995). Meanwhile, the timely efficiency and forecasting of financial report is lack (Wallman, 1996). For instance, the soft assets including human resource and talent capital are not confirmed and evaluated properly. For this reason, the financial report should have more flexible modes in order to satisfy the shareholders’ requirements. Furthermore, the traditional financial report is shortage of social responsibility in enterprise’s exposure. Under this situation, the IIRC announced the relative exposure daft including five chapters from six dimensions to explore the integrated report’s features. This framework attempts to introduce outside strategies, governances, current achievements and advanced prospect to reflect the comprehensive performance of the real company. On this basis of integrated report, the shareholders or investors could obtain more useful information for their corporate thinking and decision making. However, the controversy between the traditional financial report and integrated report has been continued. The following
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