Brief Biography Of George Washington

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George Washington was born on February 22 in the year of 1732 to Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington at their plantation on Pope’s Creek in Westmoreland District, in Virginia, which was a British colony. George was their youngest son and for most for his life he worked on his family’s plantation but after his father past when he was 11 years old he help his mother manage the farm form a small town called Fredericksburg that was also in Virginia. When Washington was growing up children of wealthy families like Washington’s family was they were normally taught at home by private tutors that their family’s paid for or joined a private school. It’s thought that Washington finished his official schooling at around the age of 15 years old. As a teen, George had untaken his skill for mathematics and became an effective surveyor. His surveying expeditions into the Virginia wasteland help him save up enough money to start purchasing land on his own. In 1751, Washington when on his first and only trip outside of America to Barbados with his older step brother Lawrence. Lawrence was suffering from tuberculosis and by going there they hoped that the warm environment would help him recover. While…show more content…
He saw his first piece of action in the French and Indian War and was ultimately put in control the entire Virginia’s armed force. In 1759, he had resigned and went back to Mount Vernon won a election to be the Virginia House of Burgesses. In January of the year 1759 he got married to Martha Dandridge Custis. She was a rich widow and had two kids. Washington had become a dedicated stepdad to her children because him and Martha never had any children of their own. During their time together Washington worked on stretching his land. He had extended Mount Vernon from 2,000 acres to 8,000 acres and on this land he created five
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