Brief Biography of Mary, Queen of Scotts

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Mary, not to be confused with the notorious Bloody Mary, became one of the most notable queens in history thanks to her eventful life that was filled with love, death, and plenty of conspiracy. Mary, Queen of Scots may not be a queen that stays in your memory, but it is undeniable that she is one of the most interesting queens in history. Mary was born in Scotland at Linlithgow Palace on December 8, 1542. Her father was the king of Scotland, and her mother was from a very well known French family known as the Guise. During the time that Mary was born her father was engaged in a war away from Scotland with the king of England, who had invaded Scotland at the time. In the fights, Mary’s father was defeated, and he felt that the nobles and generals who led his army, allowed the English to win in order to betray him. The thought of this betrayal was too much for Mary’s father, and as a result his frustration and suffering started to overwhelm him. Under the severity of his suffering he slowly started to decline, and finally, right after the news of Mary’s birth reached him, he passed away. Mary never got the chance to meet her father, and her father never got the chance to meet her, and since her father only produced one child before his death, Mary automatically became queen of Scotland at just six days old. Seeing as she was too…
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