Brief Description Of The Client Issues

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i) Brief description of the client issues. (1) The client wants to learn how to better her diet because she is a diabetic. She is having trouble controlling her blood glucose levels and would like to get some help on how to go about regulating her diabetes. Client’s glucose levels are fluctuate throughout the day, one minute they are high another minute client is trying to bring them back up. She would like to regulate her glucose levels through diet change alone (eating healthier). The client does not think she could change her physical activity habits or at least that is what I perceived when she mentioned she does physical activity/exercise “once in a blue moon”. ii) Strengths and weaknesses of the counselor during the “session.” (1) Strengths: (a) Active listening (i) The Student repeats what patient has said back and uses short words/sounds that suggest she is listening to the client. The student does a good job to help the client think what she might try to eat before lunch (a small snack) to keep her blood glucose levels from dropping; although, it seems like the client does not affirm/state her plan for changing her long periods of going without food she does say, out loud, what she may try, like, or not like to have and by doing so this might help the client act on it. (b) Ideas to help the client map goals and changes (i) The client said she did not have time to prepare something/breakfast in the mornings because she is in a hurry to get to work. So the students
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