Brief Description Of The Organization

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I. Brief description of the organization When I first began my undergraduate degree, everyone always said to join and experience the many organizations that my university offered. After adapting to the new adjustment of beginning college and moving away from home, I decided to set out and explore in hopes of finding an organization that was bigger than myself. My freshman year of college I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma, one of the largest national sororities on campus. Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded in 1898 in Farmville, Virginia and its Nationals Headquarters is currently located in Woodstock, Virginia. Sigma Sigma Sigma’s mission is to ensure a perpetual bond of friendship, develop strong womanly character and promote high standards of ethical conduct. While working together to enforce this mission for all of its members, each chapter must uphold and follow the rules and regulations provided yearly by National Headquarters. This organization also holds a great value for their foundation that was formed in 1992. This foundation, which was soon named, Robbie Page Memorial (RPM), focuses specifically on supporting child play therapy programs for hospitalized children. II. Describe the change the organization went through Soon after I was initiated into the organization, I was appointed as the organizations secretary. I served in this position for my freshman and sophomore year; at the end of my sophomore year I was elected as president. As I began my term as president, I
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