Brief Encounter With A Person Who Changed My Life

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Every day we interact with many different people. Some encounters are brief and some will be so important that they will impact you for the rest of your life. I once had a brief encounter that turned into a life changing event. I has an encounter with a person who profoundly changed my future .Through the meekness that he had while dealing with my fragile broken heart. The countless hours he spent mentoring and encouraging me through the hardest times in my life. It was an ordinary yet cold day in October of 2008 with the temperature reaching 53 degrees. I could see children waiting on the side of a dirt road to board the big yellow school bus. They wore big fur jackets, boots, mittens, hats and had long double layered scarves wrapped around their small necks. The school bus speed down the one way street and pulled over. Stumbled out the bus for his morning cigarette while the children fought over the half upholstered wore out seats for the best place to sit. With a hoarse voice from years of cigarette smoking the driver screamed out, ' 'children stop running ' ', then slowly made his way back to the discolored bus and drove off. It was there on the side of the unpaved road that my ordinary day took a turn. That was the day I met my hero and the person who would profoundly change my life. He stood 5’9, athletic built. His light brown almond shaped eyes screamed mystery and he walked as if he was gliding on a skating ring. When he spoke it was of knowledge that was
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