Brief History And Evolution Of Las Vegas

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A Brief History and Evolution of Las Vegas and its Casino Marketing Strategies
Angela Rossetti

Every year Las Vegas attracts nearly thirty five million tourists. What was once a barren desert is now one of the most well known cities in the world. Known for its neon lights and license to sin, it is no wonder that the success story of the city of Las Vegas appears to just be beginning. This paper will look at the history of Las Vegas, various marketing strategies within Las Vegas, and take a closer look at specific marketing strategies of some of the most successful hotels currently in the city that lives under the famous neon lights.

History of Las Vegas Las Vegas found its humble beginning in 1905 when the Union Pacific Railroad held an auction for pieces of land in an area designed to provide rest to travelers. Las Vegas was a railroad town that grew slowly at first. Located half way between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, Las Vegas was the perfect location for rest stops, repair shops, and the like. This small community continued to gradually grow until 1922 when local workers joined the nation-wide strike against Union Pacific Railroad. Union Pacific punished the workers and shut down their businesses, draining the income in this slowly growing city until 1931, which was a year of significance and change for Las Vegas. Gambling officially became legal, a result of an attempt to revive the sunken economy following the Great Depression and the hiccup caused…

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