Brief History Of National Parks And How The Government Drove The Native Americans Out Of The Parklands

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Danlin Huang
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Revealing the Hidden Story
Today, most people are enjoying their experiences from the 58 beautiful national parks. The visitors can see the most treasured landscapes, the majestic mountains, and even many animals that are rarely seen. Nonetheless, many overlook or never realize that as much as they have benefited from the parks, there is a whole population that was fatally affected and eventually displaced from their homeland during the establishment of the national parks—the Native Americans. Their splendid history had come to an end and disappeared since then. It is important for the readers and everyone to recognize the native population and realize the
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At the end of the paper, readers will be exposed to the dark side of the National Park System and look at this system more critically than before. I hope when the visitors enjoy the beautiful parks in the future, they can think of the hidden stories of the Indians and recognize them in their heart.
History of the Creation of the National Parks The conservation movement that began in the 19th century gave rise to the radical idea of establishing national parks for the protection of natural lands and resources. In March, 1872, Yellowstone became the first national park of the US and was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant. At first, the Native Americans weren 't seen as a threat to the national parks because they were known to live in harmony with nature. Indians such as the Shoshone people in the Yellowstone National Park regularly hunted mountain sheep and buffalos (Shannontech). However, as people’s mindset changed, the government decided to use the United States Army to regulate the Indian’s activities in the parks, including restricting their seasonal huntings. The Department of the Interior, which was in charged of the national parks, continued to enforce regulations on the parks and worked to create more national parks. It wasn 't until the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt that the National Park System was started. He established “the U.S. Forest Service, the nation’s first
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