Brief History On Rubber By Christopher Columbus

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RUBBER: A material that can be extended to in any event twice its unique length and will withdraw quickly and coercively to generously its unique endless supply of the power. BRIEF HISTORY ON RUBBER: Rubber has been around for a very long time. Thousands of years ago ancient people of Central America used Rubber balls in their games. Historian believes that teams of players try to pass the ball through the rings by using their hips. As the time passed these people found other uses of Rubber as well for example: dipping the feet’s in Rubber for shoes and also for clothes. In 1942, Christopher Columbus sells to the new World and started study to this and explores headings to this newly discovered thing. He started to tell European peoples about Rubber and its uses but they didn’t took interest. Soon people figured out about the Rubber. Pretty soon Rubber factory becomes popping up and Rubber goods become all the rich. Soon America build its own Rubber factories and become the world’s largest Rubber industry. Later Charles Gujer experiment with some Rubber by heating it and the property of Rubber becomes actually good and this inspired further experiments soon process of vulcanization which gives stability to natural Rubber which was sticky when warm and hard when gold it was not good for tires. Later John Demonte use Rubber around bicycle tires. In late 19th century Rubber becomes common for car tires. Types of Rubber: There are fundamentally two general classifications

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