Brief History of Maryknoll High School of Panabo

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Brief History of Maryknoll High School of Panabo SY 1960-1961 THE BEGINNING A group of American Maryknoll sisters founded the school in 1960. Sr. Rhoda, the first principal named it St. Mary’s High School. Initially it started with four classrooms accommodating only 40 students. After a year, she was able to put up a two-storey building housing four classrooms, a library, a science laboratory, offices and the Sister’s Convent. SY 1965-1966 THE CHANGE OF NAME On April 3, 1965 the school was renamed Maryknoll High School of Panabo, apparently in honor of its founding Maryknoll sisters, allowed under the provisions of the Corporation Code, Republic Act 1459. Sr. Corde Maria acted as principal. Additional…show more content…
These new computers were installed with upgraded Windows and Linux programs modifying the school’s computer curriculum. New campus pathways were also constructed outside the school gate. SY 2005-2006 ON THE BRINK OF MODERN ADVANCEMENT Sr. Ma. Melodina OP was able to propel the school to its unprecedented heights in this school year. The three-storey Commercial and High School building was built in front of the school campus. The structure consists of eight classrooms, nine commercial rooms, five offices, new computer laboratory room, new faculty room and comfort rooms on each level. Old school buildings were also renovated to make it at par with the new building. A covered passageway was also constructed linking the elementary corridor and the high school building. To keep updated with today’s state-of-the-art facilities, the new computer laboratory was equipped with 72- inch colored television and computers were all hooked in the internet for a more challenging and skillful in-demand computer training. Speech Laboratory was wholly renovated totally replacing old facilities into a state-of-the-art technology equipped with video cameras and television sets to effect modern and technologically advanced education. Moreover, the school created a Computer Assisted Instruction room with internet ready computer units. Additional computers were installed in the library and other

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