Brief History of the Engine Essay

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Why do people want to develop technology? This questions has a lot of answer but I think people want to ease in own life. Today, our lives are very comfortable thanks to technology. Sometimes this is dangerous for human’s life. Maybe they can gain weight. Because people don’t make sport but they want to speed with another vehicle. From past to present, researchers (mechanical engineers, electrical engineers) use to a machine for motion. They're trying to develop every time .This machine is Engine. Engine is very important for every machine and every Engineer. Engine is very complicated machine. People need to use some energy. Actually people need to convert energy in engine for motion. We usually use fuel for energy. Engine is…show more content…
F. Stolze designed the first true gas turbine engine. His engine used a multistage turbine section and a flow compressor. This engine never ran under its own power. 1914 - Charles Curtis filed the first application for a gas turbine engine. 1918-General Electric companies started a gas turbine division. Dr. Stanford A. Moss developed the GE turbosupercharger engine during W.W.I. It used hot exhaust gases from a reciprocating engine to drive a turbine wheel that in turn drove a centrifugal compressor used for supercharging. (Mary Bellis, 2002) Actually, according to some people and my Head of Department Dr. M. Halidun Keleştemur, engine doesn’t develop too much because engine efficiency doesn’t chance. Now I explain why doesn’t engines development or change? In my country, our diesel or oil is very expensive. People sometimes don’t use our car. They don’t give money powerful enginebecause these engineswant to fuel too much. Before I explain some think this subject and friction? If you have an engine, you don’t have performance %100 in engine because your engine has a friction. Friction is very effective for engine. It is effect %40-45. Friction is slim down a lot of motion in engine and we have some heat with friction. Now ıfwe have an engine, we have %40-45 motion or performance, %40-45 friction, %10-20 heat. In the world we don’t eliminate friction. We don’t chance friction in engine so people don’t develop engine. Every year
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