Brief Introduction Of New Ivory

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Brief introduction of New ivory

New ivory is company started in 2001 mainly focus on development and manufacture of fresh and tasty sauce, gravies, dips and dressing. New ivory is a leader in UK in this food’s growing market and work with well known retailer of UK. Company’s entire focus is on add value to customer in each and all aspect whether it is the case of product design, process efficiency or any another requirement. at new ivory, they listen carefully customer requirement and simultaneously add their own detailed with customer requirement. Company believes in customer specific process, flexible equipment and work with great approach that allow designing product in efficient manner.

During last 3 years there is massive increase
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Along with this proper business plan new packaging style is also a key area (Adam Jones, MD).

Business process of New Ivory

At new ivory there are major business process include finance, supply chain management, operation and capacity management and quality assurance


In terms of finance point of view cost of sales increase in 2013 near around 8 %(New ivory finanacial.pdf) compare to previous year which substantially reduce operation profit. Along with this there is huge amount of increase in administration expense. Major factor that contribute to increase administrative expense is salary of employee (John Newton, Finance Controller).

Biggest cost factor at new ivory is ingredients and packaging cost and it contributes near around 50% of total cost of company. Out of 21 million cost, raw material and packaging and ingredients cost cover near around 11 million(John Newton, Finance Controller).in terms of subdivide in package and raw material cost, packaging cost include near around 50% and raw material cost 40% respectively. In terms to meet requirement of customer it is necessary for a company to stock different type of packaging and it increase company’s holding cost.
As per Mr. John “Waste is another major factor which increase cost for company”. So as per my point of view strong implementation of lean principle will be very effective and proper forecasting of customer order and on the basis of forecasting planning
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