Brief Organization History : Bill Gates And Paul Allen Quit Job At Honeywell

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Brief Organizations History Bill Gates and Paul Allen moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in early 1975 to form a partnership called “Micro-soft”. This partnership would soon grow into one of the most successful and influential companies of the computer age. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University and Paul Allen quit his job at Honeywell to make the move because they received an opportunity to write software for a consumer computer that was soon to release. They improved upon their BASIC software and grew the company until they incorporated in 1981, removing the hyphen and forever known as Microsoft (Alfred, 2011). The company received its big break when IBM approached the small software company in 1980. IBM proposed to outsource its operating system to Microsoft. Microsoft accepted the offer but did not have an operating system that could compete with the current industry standard. Therefore, Microsoft outsourced and bought the rights of the operating systems QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products for less than $100,000 (Shustek, 2014). After modifying the operating systems, PC DOS version 1.0 was released with IBM’s 1981 Personal Computer. Microsoft upgraded the software for the next IBM release in 1983, the first version to support hard-disk (Shustek, 2014). The IBM deal flooded the commercial and consumer market with Microsoft software and other computer manufacturers turned to Microsoft for their software needs.

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