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Brief Overview of McDonald’s McDonalds came into existence in 1955 (McDonald’s, 2014). Its founder, Ray Kroc, wanted to build a restaurant business that was unique and offered consistent delicacies across every state of the US. His philosophy that has guided the success of McDonald’s through and through is founded on the slogan “in business for yourself, but not by yourself” (McDonald’s, 2014). This philosophy characterizes three entities which Kroc rallied to his support at the start; suppliers, franchises, and the McDonald brand itself. The name McDonald is synonymous with the fast food industry, and the organization is renowned the world over as a leading global food services retailer (McDonald’s, 2014). The organization operates across a hundred countries, and has at least 35, 000 locations serving approximately seventy million people each day (McDonald’s, 2014). The overall objective, mission and vision of McDonald’s are to become the favorite place for customers to eat and drink. Much of McDonalds’ success is attributed to its customer-focused plan to win initiative and culture, which essentially means that the organization addresses the changing needs and preferences of customers locally. Leadership Theories The Great Man Theory This is perhaps the most controversial theory of all times. It has been in existence throughout history. However, in recent times, its articulation within the business environment has been challenged by many commentators. The great Man

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