Brief Overview of American Literature From Plymouth to the 1800s

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The trace in literature and history from Plymouth and Virginia colonies through the Jeffersonian Enlightenment to the transcendentalists represented by Emerson and Hawthorne all begins with John Smith, whom had been granted by a charter from King James I reached Virginia in 1607. The settlers landed in what was Jamestown ready to begin the dangerous undertaking of surviving in a new environment. Dealing with harsh winters, lack of drinking water, and the spread of disease made life in Jamestown difficult for the settlers. Which Smith details in his writing, later on a man named William Bradford set sail with for the new world with a religious group called the puritans. The group landed on Massachusetts Plymouth Harbor in 1620. Soon after being settled Bradford was made to be governer of the new colony. The people of the colony suffered of a while until the help of the Massasoit leader of Native Americans in the New England area showed the people of the colony how to harvest the right foods and there was even a gathering of food and entertainment, which created an agreement between the Indians and the colony in which lasted twenty-four years. The pact did not last for much long after the Wampanoag nation had been peaceful with the settlers and colonists. However, in 1675 son of Massasoit, Metacom who was as called King Philip by the colonists led the Native Americans to fight against the colonists as they captured land and persons in the colony. One of the persons captured

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