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I thrive on gaining knowledge. Even now, as a non-traditional student and busy mother to two young children, learning excites me. As an 18-year-old in Germany, I began a 10-year career as a military analyst that honed my ability to think critically, pay attention to detail, and visualize holistic solutions to unique problems. However, I spent my free time riding a bike along The Rhine searching for a quiet space to settle in with the wisdom of books such as The Art of Happiness and The Elegant Universe. There, on those riverbanks, I discovered within myself an innate curiosity of the mind and the fundamental nature of the world.
Subsequent experiences during my tours in Afghanistan, and other encounters with loss, firmly cemented my resolve to help ease human suffering. Loss, and so grief of some variation, is an inevitable consequence of human experience. I saw it’s impact regularly when I volunteered at The Colorado Neurological Institute – on the faces of patients struggling to reclaim their lost sense of self and family members burdened with anticipatory mourning. Despite its universal reach, though, the effect of grief on cognition remains relatively unexplored. As a research assistant on this project, I aim to help change that trajectory so grief diagnoses and treatments are better
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Lori James’ psycholinguistic lab the past two semesters have introduced me to the field of psychology research. The opportunity to work intimately on this project with her, however, will prove invaluable in preparing me for the Psychology Honors program, which I will apply for at the end of the semester, as well as help me decide whether to pursue a clinical or research graduate degree. It will also be a continuation of my personal goal to combine my passion for the art of mind philosophy with the pragmatic approach of psychology in understanding the human condition, a pursuit I intend never to give
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