Brief Summaries Of 2 Chosen Peer Teaching Episodes

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Brief summaries of 2 chosen peer teaching episodes
In Hugh-and-Future’s-teaching-episode, they started the lesson with an introduction-activity by asking students what they knew about the ‘Chinese language’. They smoothly transitioned into providing learners with clear objectives for the lesson planned, by listing it on the PowerPoint-slide, “to learn simple Chinese-characters and identify basic-rhythmic-notes.” The developmental-activities designed to teach the concept was to learn how to draw basic Chinese characters, which Future integrated into his teaching, by using ICT to show these characters in animation, thus making it visually stimulating for the learners. To measure the growth of knowledge that occurred in students during that lesson, he conducted student-questioning round on Chinese characters learnt. Hugh then took the remainder of the lesson and explained the pattern behind basic rhythm beats and demonstrated this by getting students to perform drum beats via pen tapping. By teaching us the notes behind the rhythmic patterns in music, he scaffolded students into making up their own beat patterns using the 3 basic rhythms learnt, thus fostering hands on learning.

In Ashlea-and-Dana’s-teaching-episode, they wrote the objectives of the lesson “to learn the importance of dreamtime stories” on the whiteboard and asked learners for their prior-knowledge on this topic, by drawing a boomerang and writing responses contributed by peers inside the diagram. They started

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