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Brief Summary: Since of the drug war that took place, and a mexican, El Chapo, being the prime leader of the event, individuals all over the world are judging Mexico from what they heard or saw, and overlooking the fact that they have some of the largest companies there. The war took 164,000 lives, nationally. In eight years, forty mayors have been annihilated, and according to InSight Crime, a think tank that records down law and justice in Latin America, 99% of the crimes are uncondemned, which is a high percentage. A german company once said that this must be due to the amount of violence, the corruption of public servants, cultural trend, and drug trafficking. At first, it was approximately 63% of distrust, but in the year of 2014, the percentage spike up to 71%, meaning the percentage enlarged by about 10%. The percentage of individuals who don’t have faith in their president went from 52% to 61%, so an increase of again, about 10%. The lack of faith in their justice system enlarged from a starting point of 58% to 66%, and for the Federal Police and the army, the percentage changed from 52% to 64%. The list goes on, on the percentage of individuals that lack faith in their government. In last April, the worst police attack occurred since a decade. As a result, fifteen officers died right outside Guadalajara. The city holds the name of “Mexico’s money laundering capital.”
In Guadalajara, also known as the “Digital Creative City” (Ciudad Creativa Digital), a city located…

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