Brief Summary: Eulogy For Rudy Steiner

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Eulogy for Rudy Steiner

Good morning, dear guests. We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of someone who did not deserve to be taken so young. Before I start, I realise that many of you are frightened by my presence. Do not be scared. I am a guest here this morning, grieving for the loss of Rudy Steiner. He does something to me that boy. He steps on my heart. He makes me cry.
What can we say to mourn the loss of such a young soul? Surely this funeral is too soon. Rudy Steiner did not deserve to die. He was one of the purest souls that you can find in a time like this. He radiated a soft golden light, which glowed like a star as I carried him out of Himmel Street. On that fatal night, as I arrived at the Steiner household, Rudy felt no pain. He was at peace, lying off the end of a bed, and holding onto his sister. His candle-lit hair revealed his face, showing nothing but a calming smile. When I came to collect
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His skin was painted black, as he ran like lightning, calling out “Jesse Owens” over and over, as he crossed an imaginary finish line. Excitement flowed through his veins and left butterflies in his stomach. At just seven years old Rudy Steiner was so innocent.
The second was Rudy standing hip-deep in water, that was as cold as the Arctic. He chased a book, with one end goal in his mind. How sweet would a kiss from his lovely neighbour taste, and could he finally get one?
Finally, I saw her. Liesel. A bright smile, a laugh. Brown eyes, that seemed to hold the universe in them. Youthful love, blossoming like a flower in springtime. And Rudy truly did love her. It is her he leaves behind, as we part with him today.
And so, as we say our final farewells to Rudy Steiner, I leave you with one thought. Rudy Steiner was a golden light, illuminating life in these dark times. Remember him for his compassion, his anger, his hope and his love, and he will continue to light up your life. He will be
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