Brief Summary: Life In Colonial America

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1.Life in America was rough for the colonists, but they persevered and thrived with trade and dependency on one another.

The Unhealthy Chesapeake
Life in America was tough.
1.The work there was hard and the climate was muggy.
Malaria, dysentery, and typhoid took many lives in Virginia.
There was a ratio of 6:1(men-to-women) in 1650.
1/3 of new brides in one Maryland county were pregnant on their wedding day.
4.Virginia still managed to be one of the colonies with the biggest population.

The Tobacco Economy
The Chesapeake was perfect for the farming of tobacco.
Exports rose from 1.5 million pounds of tobacco annually in the 1630s to 40 million pounds in 1700.
Because of prices falling the colonies began to plant and grow more tobacco.
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Colonial Slavery
Slavery began to shape the colonies.
1.10,000 million African slaves were brought to America during colonial times.
2. In the 1600’s indentured servants began to be replaced by African American slaves.
3.England's economy got better so fewer Americans came to the colonies.
4.African slave trade quickened in the 1600’s.

Africans in America
A.The life of a slave in the south was difficult
1.The harshest places to work were Rice and indigo plantations.
2. A unique African-American culture emerged from these hardships.
Black’s music had unique rhythmic beats that included the banjo, and bongo drums. These were the ancestors of jazz.
4. The slaves wanted freedom, so they were revolt on ocassion, but never succeded.

Southern Society
The gap between the rich and the poor widened in the south.
A social hierarchy had developed in the South.

2.Rich families owned huge tracts of land and contolled most of the polictcs.
3.They were known as the “First Families of Virginia.”
4. The social class order: FFV’s , small farmers, indentured slaves, and blacks.

The New England
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