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Brief Summary and “Arrangement of Book:-The book is divided into 21 chapters. They are primarily organized chronologically, detailing the eventsin the order they were experienced, with occasional flashbacks or forward flashes. Summary:-Chapters 1-4:Ishmael Beah is introduced as a young boy who knows war is around him, but has yet to be“touched” (6) by war. His world is completely changed when war reaches his hometown in Mogbwemo.During the attack, he is on a journey to perform at a talent show with a group of boys, one of them hisbrother, who share an interest in rap music. When they learn of the tragedy, they wish to return home inhopes of being reunited with their families. However, the war has scattered their families, and the journeyis…show more content…
He leaves the center permanently and says goodbye to Esther. After buildingrelationships in his new home, Leslie, one of the friendly faces at the center, visits Beah and informs himof an opportunity to travel to New York on behalf of his experiences as a child soldier. He is interviewedand chosen to be a representative. During his trip to New York, he sees snow for the very first time. Healso meets Laura Simms, a storyteller who reminds him of his past. Beah gives a truthful presentationand grows deep friendships with the people in New York. When Beah returns to his home, war againspreads to his own city. Beah and Mohammed, a childhood friend who was fortunate enough to reunitewith Beah, fear that everything they had just escaped from will happen once again. In the chaos, Beah’suncle dies of a sickness. After this, Beah begins another dangerous journey, this time to escape SierraLeon. He is faced with so many setbacks but still finds a way to exit the country. Beah ends his memoirby sharing a story often told in his hometown. From this story, it is implied that Beah is willing to gothrough this pain if it saves others the pain of suffering as he did. Extra Textual Elements:When the book is opened, the first pages seen are the praising reviews from honorable sources. Then, abrief history of the author’s accomplishments is included. After the title page, and page…show more content…
However, the boy pictured on the front cover reveals anything but joy or happiness.Instead he looks sad and tired. When combined, these emotions help establish a theme of the book:innocent, carefree children, forced into a living nightmare. Despite their circumstances and the things theyhave gone through, they are still children. The back cover includes a picture of Beah, as an adult, with alarge smile on his face. Like the front cover, this also echo’s a theme of the book: happiness and joy canbe found even after the hardest of challenges and tribulations.In this book, it is apparent that the publisher wished to establish a childlike theme throughout the book.This is accomplished by factors so small such as the font style and size of font. Though small, thesefactors significantly affect the interpretation of the book.Use of outside Sources:From the very beginning, readers learn of Beah’s love of rap. This love defines many momentsduring his life. He carries his music in his pocket for as long as possible, despite having no way to listento it. His music gives him comfort to know it is in his pocket, even when he cannot listen to it. When hecan no longer carry it with him, he is devastated. It is interesting that when this connection to home waslost, his purpose and reason for living was lost as well. He now lived for killing and violence. At the
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