Brief Summary Of Chapter 1 Of Mccloud

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In the beginning of chapter one, McCloud starts of by narrating through one of his flashbacks when he first started to read comic books. At first McCloud was in denial of what comics can truly mean, but as he began to read he was hooked. The main character is drawn as younger version of himself with stars and thick lines around his head with a surprise looked towards the comic he is reading. Throughout the next panels he draws himself with an astonishing look in his face because he found something he can fully understand. Before he can continue his memory McCloud's cuts in the middle of the flashback and he's back to his normal version saying, “I felt there was something lurking in comics… something that had never been done. Some kind of hidden power!” (McCloud 3). McCloud is trying to say that he felt something more when…show more content…
The younger version of McCloud was drawn with clean lines, holding a notebook, and a look in his face with confusion. The author uses these panels to convince the audience about his credibility towards comics. Since the author experience stereotypes, he shows credibility towards his evidence because he is telling the truth about comics being serious. He also used these panels to make some stereotypes of himself, when we see a bully we always imagine a big tough guy making fun of the nerdy looking kid. He uses this stereotype to make the audience see that we can become that jerk that makes fun of comics by not taking other people's opinions seriously. Comics should be taken serious because we are the younger version of McCloud we have not fully understood what comics are, but through the visuals McCloud makes strong claims that comics can give you something more that heavy books

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