Brief Summary Of 'Rainsford: Amazon Great Sport Hunting'

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Rainsford is a really brave man. He is a man who hunts animals. “Then he leapt far out into the sea.” Rainsford is brave because the animals he hunts. He is risking his life to kill the things he’s hunting. He’s not afraid of anything. The man will do dangerous things. He is a good strong man. He is brave he hunts dangerous animals and takes certain risks. He likes to hunt in many places around the world. He travels the world to hunt the animals he wants. You would think he would get injured but he don’t. He travels on a boat. “We should have some good hunts up in the Amazon great sport hunting.” Rainsford can figure out things easily. He can make inventions that are impressive you know what I mean. He’s good at knowing his guns. He thinks
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