Brief Summary Of Series: Pearson Spectre Litt

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Brief Summary of Series The series focuses around the law firm, Pearson Spectre Litt. Its two most central characters are Harvey Spectre, a successful lawyer, who hires Mike Ross, a young man with identical memory. The two fake Ross’s qualifications and Harvard law degree, until Ross is caught and sentenced to two years imprisonment. With the exposure, all associates and clients leave the firm, leaving Harvey, Jessica, Donna and Louis with the task of rebuilding. Mike Ross has recently entered prison while the remaining members of Pearson Spectre Litt fight to return to their previous levels with no associates and clients. Louis and Jessica have decided, to interview tenants to rent their lower floors. Louis disapproves of all potential clients until Jessica forces him to find clients in 48 hours. Louis, working with Donna, sublets to a group of financial traders. Louis dislikes them and manages to get them evicted but Harvey gets Louis to change his…show more content…
Sutter is a shady business man but hugely successful businessman, the ideal client to put Pearson Spectre Litt back on the map. However Harvey refuses to represent him because of his criminal actions. Jessica gives Harvey 2 days to find another suitable client or else they will take Sutter on. Donna convinces Harvey to go to Nathan Burns, a client Harvey dislikes as well. Nathan agrees to accept Harvey’s representation if Harvey blocks competitors to Burn’s energy-company and make it in time for dinner. Harvey agrees and accomplishes this. Mike is the target of another prisoner, gang leader, Frank Gallo, while Rachel continues her law-degree studies. However, William Sutter purchased shares in Burn’s energy company and bullies Burn into not accepting Harvey’s legal representation. Harvey figures it out and also purchases shares in Burn’s company. Harvey strongholds Burns into accepting his representation and the two agree to take on Sutter

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