Brief Summary Of Steele's A Walk In The Woods

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Steele arrived at the front door of the main house, exhausted and starving, and behind him, the dogs were the same. Most of them were lying on the ground—panting heavily—while the others sat on the verge of collapse. Steele laughed at them; he knew the outcome would be like this because he did not expect his playful and wild dogs to think over their actions and the ensuing consequences like a human would. Steele opened the front door and walked over the threshold. Oddly, no one greeted him upon his entry because the two men that usually did were dead. Their bodies rested motionless on the floor, lacking the pleasant liveliness Steele knew. Steele approached the two door guards lying facedown on the floor and then carefully examined their bodies, hoping that he would find what killed his comrades. But their bodies lacked bullet and stab wounds, and there was no blood staining their black suits and pants. Even the wooden walls and floor remained immaculate.…show more content…
However, Steele would not spend his time attempting to find what those means were because he was too saturnine to scrutinize what was once his two friends. All too consumed by disappointment and numbness before their slumberous forms. In a state of malaise Steele walked from the doorway. He did not want to leave his dogs alone in the current situation, nor did he desire to see the horrors that rested within the bowels of the house. However, Steele was all too familiar with the punishments that ensued failing to comply with the Black River Rule. So, although he loved his dogs, he pressed on as it was his duty to the household and the crippling fear accompanying it that compelled him to
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