Brief Summary Of Stevin's Story: A Walk On The Beach

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James and Madi are a happily married couple and they want to have kids. But where they live deep in the ocean, they see this giant barracuda which is about to attack them. The giant barracuda attacks them and kills Madi and all of their kids except for one. So the dad names the fish /kid Stevin because that is the name that Madi wanted to name one of the kids.

So then came around the first day of school for Stevin,and it was Stevin first time to meet some new people and make new friends. So he got on the stingray which represented a bus. On the way to school they stop at this place which is near a cliff. So some of Stevin friends leave the stingray and the class and they go to the cliff. Stevin sees them and wants to go and see
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Stevin says i am a good swimmer and swims out to the boat and he touches the boat and while he is swimming back he gets caught by some scuba divers james then starts trying t chase the boat but is taken a picture of by another scuba diver, and it stunned him. But when james wakes up he sees some goggles that were left and the goggles have a location that reads sydney, Austrailla. On the way in the direction that he saw that the boat went he meets another fish named ally and she said that she has seen a boat. So ally leads him and then like a minute later she ask him what are you doing. James said you are taking me to the boat, ally is like oh I saw a boat. And she sufferes from short term memory loss. Stevin wakes up at a therapy office right next to the ocean, and he starts asking the fish that are next to him in the fish tank. Where am I ? the other fish say that he is in a therapist office. James and ally come upon the sharks and go to a little party. But on the way ally cuts herself and the big shark freaks out and starts chasing ally. Then the shark runs into an old time bomb that kills the sharks while james and madi were hiding in a ship. Stevin is starting to know everybody in the tank and the captain of the fish named orbit tank says “now if you want to get out of here you have to listen to me”. So orbit says we have to get this tank dirty so
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