Brief Summary Of 'Survival In Auschwitz' By Primo Levi

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Tani Mayer Rabbi Brownstein July 20, 2015 Survival In Auschwitz By: Primo Levi In his Holocaust memoir Survival In Auschwitz, by Primo Levi recounts the everyday struggles he endured under German enslavement. Surrounded by hate and fear, Levi fights not only to save his life, but more importantly to save his soul. Though he watches his dear friends die under the rule of the Nazi terror, Levi understands that he must separate himself from the masses, and maintain his individuality. While hiding out in the woods with some of his friends, Primo is captured. He is taken to a holding camp in Italy before being shipped off to the death camp of Auschwitz in Poland. A year goes by and Primo suffers the terrible conditions of the camp. He and …show more content…

His name is Schlome, and by hugging Primo, he shows him the first act of kindness that he seen since he entered the camp. Primo starts to get very sick and starve but again he stays true to his identity and is saved from death. Levi entered the camp like all others: "naked, alone, and unknown". By maintaining his humanity he avoided death. Most people died right when they got to Auschwitz Levi explains by them loosing their identity as a human being. Levi was no longer considered a person he was merely a Jew, with a number as an identity on his shivering body. The Nazis did not feel any pain in doing the horrific things that they did because they saw the Jews as animals, not human beings. Levi's goal during his fight in Auschwitz is too find and maintain his true identity. Primo makes a new friend Steinlauf who gives him a set of rules to live by in order to survive the camp. Levi is mad about living by other peoples standards and decides to distant himself from the rest of the prisoners. He cuts his foot badly working and decides to go to the Ka-Be (medical clinic) so he can work so the Nazis won't kill him again he succeeds and he is saved from the hand of death. All the prisoners laugh at him but Primo ignores them and is treated for his wound. He is assigned to Block 45 where luckily his best friend is, Alberto. Primo has a new bunk mate and workmate whose name is Resnyk. He is happy …show more content…

Levi encounters Null, a boy who is loosing all of the humanity he once had. Levi describes him "when he speaks, when he looks around, he gives the impression of being empty inside". Though he attempted to separate himself from the rest of the prisoners, Levi sometimes found himself lost in the masses. There are only 21 men left of the 96 Italian Jews who went to Auschwitz among them was Primo. It's the middle of the winter and many of the prisoners including Levi are starting to get sick from the bitter cold. Lorenzo another friend of Primo gives him food all the time and cares for him like a brother. The Nazis kill many Jews, some of them the friends of Lorenzo and Primo. They are both ashamed that they couldn't stop the Germans from doing this horrible act of man slaughter. Levi does not consider himself a Muselman. He sees them as outsiders who have no place in the war. The Nazi's have not accomplished their goal: the suffering that they caused was not enough to break Levi's

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