Brief Summary Of The Book 'Black Boy'

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Black Boy In-Class Essay

Justin Ritchie
Honors English 2 Period: 1
Mr. Stebbins

Black Boy is a novel about a boy named Richard Wright who is living in the early 1920’s. He has to face the hardships of living in that time period and having to deal with the fact that racism was a huge factor in his life. Through racism and other experiences he has had, he was able to take all of the negative aspects of his life and turn them into positive experiences which shaped him into who he was later in life. These negative aspects of his life have made him strive for success not only in writing but becoming a better person. He has also had a large amount of people that have made an impact on him since he was little and up until he was in his 20’s. The most influential person that Richard has known was his mother.

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He was working for a family. For example, he was cleaning up their messes and feeding animals also doing some of the heavy lifting. “‘Do you want this job?’ the woman asked.’Yes ma’am,’ I said, afraid to trust my own judgement”(145). Richard was skeptical about this job at first since he was going to be working for a white family. He did not know if they were going to abuse him or beat him like his mother does and other family members do. “‘I don’t know what is happening to you niggers nowadays’”(147). Before this happened, Richard was working hard and chopping down logs to bring to the stove. The white family made up eggs, bacon, and coffee while Richard only got stale bread and moldy molasses. Richard was not very happy to be working hard just to get that crappy of a reward. Richard then soon quit the job and resumed looking for other jobs. This was an example of a negative experience that Richard turned positive in the sense that he has learned from his mistakes and he does not want to work for a white family again but rather an actual
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