Brief Summary Of The Fountain Of Youth By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Synopsis (not part of speech): Brief Summary
It's about how 4 elderly people take part in an experiment of Dr.Heidegger’s. Where they become younger after drinking an elixir that supposedly came from the fountain of youth, however the effect of the elixir doesn’t last very long. Dr.heidegger watches his 4 guests as they go from prancing around to being extremely desperate. The elderly people wanting more of that experience decide to move to Florida to drink from the fountain 3 times a day.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts is an American short story writer and romance novelist who experimented with a broad range of styles and genres.
During his career he married Sophia Peabody, a painter, illustrator,
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The theme can differ greatly, depending on how each individual interprets it. Much of the story is left open to the reader allowing a much broader interpretation of the theme. In the end "the doctor's four friends had taught no such lesson to themselves. They decided immediately to make pilgrimage to Florida, and drink at morning, noon, and night, from the Fountain of Youth". By this, Hawthorne leaves the reader to decide the lesson that his characters have failed to comprehend. When I tried to interpret the story, I thought that the story argues that people can be fools. They don't learn from their mistakes and they are generally petty. We can't expect anyone to change for the better. That is why we must learn to know how to control ourselves and not act like fools just because of our…show more content…
As implied in the title he is conducting an experiment, however it is not as simple as it seems. Firstly one may wonder what exactly is his experiment. You see it isn’t just about how this proclaimed water from the Fountain of Youth can change you to become young, it is about the behaviour of those once they do become young, do they become even more obnoxious than they already were, or does something else happen? Just before drinking the Elixir from the fountain of youth he warns them, "It would be well that, with the experience of a lifetime to direct you, you should draw up a few general rules for your guidance, in passing a second time through the perils of youth. Think what a sin and shame it would be, if, with your peculiar advantages, you should not become patterns of virtue and wisdom to all the young people of the age!" (Line 64) The “experience of a lifetime” is telling them that they are to expect something of great pleasure, however the “perils of youth” are showing that going back to being young again could make them more desperate than ever. He is warning them to not act foolishly once they become young, for they would have many advantages by becoming young yet if too desperate it could cause
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