Brief Summary Of The Peri-Okonny's Case

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On November 15, 2015 at approximately 0223 hrs, I was dispatched to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for report of assault.

Upon arrival, I spoke to Security Supervisor, Joel Brown (reporting person), who stated that they had a patient in the emergency room who claimed that he was assaulted at the North Brunswick Pub located at 1864 Rt 1 in North Brunswick.

I spoke to John Peri-Okonny(victim) who stated that he was hit his head with a hennessy bottle. Peri-Okonny appeared to be under the influence of alcohol as Peri had slurred speech with a strong odor of alcohol beverage coming from his breath and that he was keep repeating his words. Peri-Okonny had 5-6cm linear laceration on his forehead and he had no shirt on and his body was
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Peri-Okonny could not remember how he was hit and he could not remember if suspect fled on foot or with a vehicle. Peri-Okonny was yelling and screaming at the hospital and hospital security was with him to calm him down. Peri-Okonny stated that he was upset that he was not getting treatments that he needed and that he wanted the doctor stitches his cut. Peri-Okonny refused to give pedigree information on the suspect and stated that he did not want to proceed anything at this time. Peri-Okonny stated four times that he just wanted to get treated at the hospital and go home.

Peri-Okonny refused to speak to the detective at the hospital and he stated that it was " Police's Job" to identify suspect and that it was not his job. Peri-Okonny stated that he wanted to play Criminal Scene Game. Peri-Okonny described suspect as a Puerto Rican male with short black hair approximately 5'10''tall about 165-180 lbs and stated that the police should be able to identify the suspect by looking at the surveillance
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