Brief Summary Of The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

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It was a cool evening night. Poe was enraged about his book on cooping, which was not published. In order to calm down, he needed some time alone. So, he decided to take a walk through downtown Baltimore. A gang lurking in an alleyway recognized Poe, who they knew had great popularity and was very wealthy. “Hey, is that poe?”, said one of the gang members. ”Yeah, I think it is,” another says. They decided to follow him for several minutes. Then the gang attacked Poe, dragged him violently into an alleyway and beat him up. They proceeded to knock him out and put him in a horse-drawn carriage. They transported him to a polling place. Poe was badly injured and when the gang forced him to put on different clothes. He immediately realized what they were planning to do and naturally refused. After causing the gang much trouble, they punished him and they took him to an alley to do some more beating. After Poe was badly injured, he was left on the cold streets all night, slowly dying.…show more content…
Poe thought to himself that he would be fine, though it was hard to think through his delirium. Little did he know that he would die days later. Meanwhile, a man who was on his daily walk heard a deep, deathly moan. The man went to investigate and found a confused man with disheveled clothes, who identified himself as Edgar Allan Poe. The stranger asked Poe if he knew anybody that could help him. Poe said, “I know a man with the last name of Snodgrass.”. The man penned this name quickly, with the knowledge that this famed poet was in real danger. Luckily, Snodgrass had some medical knowledge,but not
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