Brief Summary On Bringing Back High Touch Hospitality

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Q1. Explain brief summary about HGRM: Bringing back high touch hospitality. The case talks about the difficulties faced by Carlo Fontana, General Manager of two four star hotels, hotel Lugano Dante and Hotel Berna. His father used to believe in serving guests, as a guest, not client. In support to that Carlo Fontana believes that in hotel industry it is normal that people spends lot of money in renovation/modification, but they will differentiate themselves by spending some to give guests a VIP experience. Moving forward with his belief, Fontana and team developed a new extensive customer service and operations information system and named it Happy Guest Relationship Management (HGRM). In the case, it was mentioned that the both hotels…show more content…
With the help of technology, now customer/guest can unlock their rooms using their mobile phones. Major hotel groups like Hilton, Starwood already started this initiative. I think it’s too convenient for guest so more and more hotels are expected to use it in the future. Screen Mirroring. The use of smart TVs enabled these cool feature. So, guest can watch their favorite contents (guest can resume their Netflix series or so). Also the mirror displays and wireless sound system in bathrooms will provide decent experience to leisure guests (they can enjoy their favorite sports, movies, listen to music while having bath). Built-in Thermostats. Many hotels provides thermostats from their built-in mobile apps. Now guest can change room temperature according to their need and as these feature operates via internet so guest can turn on A.C./heat even if they are not on the site. Smart light. This feature allows customer to adjust the brightness of light and speed of fan etc. from their phones.
` VoIP. I am going too far, but I think it’s the future. Hotels will have these device in rooms and guest will operate everything over voice command. I believe this initiative will be adopted within decade. AI. Above mentioned smart products, VoIP and AI together will be an excellent combo. For example, let say customer usually orders a Pizza with onion, pepperoni, black olives, and green pepper, but this time he/she forgot to add green pepper. So, AI

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