Brief Summary: The Blacky Punch

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Matthew Annestedt Mrs. Rodgers 1st period March 8, 2017 THE SUCKY WRESTLER Frankie never thought that, of all people, he would be a wrestler. In the backwoods of Alabama, wrestling was the biggest sport. It was bigger than football. The wrestling coach was Jamie Robson. He was a multi-time state champion Frankie wasn’t very athletic and needed a sport to fit into. His pal, Zac, convinced him to join or at least try it out. The first week of the sport was exhausting. Frankie lost seven pounds. Every time he would challenge for a spot in his weight class, he would lose. They never even came close to losing to him. Frank didn’t do well at all. The first match of the season he got pinned in fourteen seconds! Frankie’s parents even told
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