Brief Summary: The House Of Slaves

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The House of Slaves Look back to where you have been, for a clue to where you are going. “Theories said history repeat itself. Goree Island was one of the main primary slave holding warehouse located along the coast of Senegal. Portuguese was the first to discover Goree Island, in 1776 Portuguese built “The House of Slaves” were being upheld against inherent personal choices, unsanitary living environment exchange as item through audition. Journey that sustained facing individual upcoming. Having the condensation of respect and the favorite will be returned. “No matter what your opinion does not matter to the master. The master who has purchase items (slave) has to obey the rule or die if pain. For instance, On Goree Island slaves that were disobedience would be lock up in a small stair way case with iron stel door for at least year or to deaf. In reserve slave that were disobedience who have to face “The Door of Not Return” lie the Atlantic ocean , slave that did not jump in shark water of hunger sharks or would be giving mercy with shot to the forehead. “Within a split second your instinct zips into survival mode. Shock protect your body from the pain.”- Unknown. Living in pig slop is like living infected place. With about fifteen to twenty men chained and…show more content…
Job which is hourly wage paid for labor of work. Therefore you should be paid the equal amount of labor of work you have put in. In old blue moon, you must work to stay alive, no matter the condition of the day or the slave health. At auction consumer would treat itself to touch it before purchase items to see if slave is the “right fit” for harvesting on plantation. What young female slave would breed to build army of slave to build the plantation? Slaves would see their love ones for the last time and be ship to the new
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