Brief Summary: The Life And Work Of Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland. After two failed attempts of escaping, he finally found freedom in 1837 after he climbed on a train with his girlfriend, Anna Murray, on the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad to the bigger northern cities. Upon arriving in New York, they gathered supplies to setup a home, and were married by a black presbyterian minister with the last name Johnson to divert unwanted attention. After settling in New Bedford, Mass, the couple took the Douglass last name, and joined a local church. He began attending abolitionists meetings, where he met one of his first friends, William Lloyd Garrison. Douglass became a well regarded writer, and speaker. He toured throughout Ireland and Britain, and was amazed by the lack of discrimination. Upon returning to the US, Douglass started an abolitionists newspaper called The North Star, that promoted equal rights. Garrison, a white man, ran a newspaper called the Liberator. His views were way ahead of his time. His newspaper covered everything from women’s rights, to racial equality. He was also president of the American Anti-Slavery Association. Even though, at the time, his views put him in danger and made him disliked by most of the white community, he continued to provide support. In 1865, after slavery ended in the US, Garrison decided to resign from the AAS. A few years later he joined the American Woman Suffrage Association as associate editor, and was a major figure in that area…show more content…
Although motives were questioned, and opposed by the majority at the time, both Douglass and Garrison are viewed as vital figures throughout the slavery era, and are credited with helping the country evolve into
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