Brief Summary of Lilith's Brood by Erin Hunter, Octavia E. Butler

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1. Lillith in Dawn was picked as the human to lead the other humans that would be reintroduced in order for the planet to hold life again. A strange looking race called the Oankali, want to interbreed with the humans and they want to call it genetic engineering. The humans that are awakened don’t want to interbreed with the Oankali and Liltih is called a traitor because she helps save the Oankali that she has been mated with.

’‘Lilith is complex in that she makes decisions for what she wants to happen, but in every choice she still considers what the group as a whole would like to see happen’’(p 180, Dawn). Lilith accepts the label as a traitor by the humans because she knows that with every choice she has made, she has thought about
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Intersectionality is a term that describes the ways which oppressive institutions such as, sexism, homophobia, racism, classism etc interact. Categories such as gender, ethnicity, poverty and mental illness reinforce each other in ’‘Women on the Edge of Time’’ and they overdetermine a negative outcome. Piercy put Connie in positions where she came to understand sexism, working class opression and white supremacy in both her personal life and in Mattapoisett.

Author Ytasha Womack describes early on that "Blackness is a technology" (p.27) and "race simply didn't exist prior to 500 years ago" (p.42). She explains the idea of race as a type of technology ( a man-made creation). In other words race is something that is created. What Womack means is that race is something that hasn’t always existed, because it is something that was created. It was an idea created by white Europeans as a means to justify slavery. These people had the power to create racism to justify slavery and enforce it.
This part of the chapter in ’‘Afrofuturism’’ was a eye-opening chapter for me. I never thought or even heard of this idea before. I always thought that slavery happened because of racism, never did I think that racism could be a way to justify it.
I would describe an Afrofuturist approach to social change as wanting to change the representation of Black women or any other non-white women in Science fiction. Brown girl in the ring for example bring to the light the black

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