Brief Summary of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen tells and intriguing tale of young love and all of the troubles that comes with it. This novel focuses on the character of Elizabeth Bennet, daughter to a proud mother and nonchalant father. Towards the beginning of the play, the Bennets meet Bingley, a young man who is handsome, wealthy, and eventually becomes the suitor to Jane Bennet, who thinks very highly of everyone and seems identical in her positive view on every person she has ever met. Later, Elizabeth would meet a man named Fitzwilliam Darcy, who proves to be a proud and pompous man, until he justifies his actions towards the end of the novel. Elizabeth then meets Darcy’s rival and enemy Wickham. Wickham steals the attention of every lady until he runs off with Lydia Bennet, who was fifteen years old. Darcy’s actions in the relationship between Wickham and Lydia define exactly how Elizabeth views both Darcy and Wickham at the conclusion of this wonderfully fascinating novel. Elizabeth’s first impressions, how she overcomes these impressions, and her conclusions on the personalities of Darcy and Wickham are surprisingly similar and distinctively different at the same time. Upon first meeting them, Elizabeth pronounces her first impressions towards the personalities of Darcy and Wickham clearly, displaying similarities and stark differences in her opinion. Elizabeth’s initial dislike and admiration of Darcy and Wickham sets her up for hardships in her relationships with these two

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