Brief Summary of The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

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Imagine having the most dangerous job on Earth that includes only
> one condition and it comes with something that will make you run back
> to your mom. Where your job appears out of nowhere, where food
> magically appears on the kitchen, where gates are opened for you and
> where unexpected things approach you. Either good or bad. This book is
> called The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney. Thomas J. Ward(aka, Tom)
> is the seventh son of a seventh son whom is sent to The Spook by his
> mother(aka Mum) The Spook(aka Mr. Gregory) is Tom's boss that teaches
> him lessons he wont forget. The book changes settings often but the
> most recent setting the main character visits and is at is his farm
> house and in Mr. Gregory's house. This book will drive you crazy to
> know what happens next and get crazy insane to keep on reading. Tom is
> a curious, decent, understandable and fair boy whose characteristics
> remind me of The Spook even though The Spook is more experienced and
> wise in his job and throughout the book. When Tom is sent off by his
> parents to become The Spook's sorcerer he is greeted with scary
> surprises. Tom learns not to be afraid the hard way and its not
> pretty.
> According to Mum, Tom was old enough to begin his future career as
> an apprentice. Tom learned that only the seventh son from a seventh
> son can become The Spook's apprentice and that he was The Spook's last
> chance. Tom finds and creates different conflicts

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