Brief Synopsis : Thomas Jameson And Helen Thatcher

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When young lovers are separated, years later the woman is accused of being a witch, and her only hope is her former lover turned witch hunter.


THOMAS JAMESON and HELEN THATCHER are young teens in love. Thomas wants to marry Helen. When Helen’s father dies, she is sent away to live with her aunt AGNES THATCHER. The lovers are separated. Thomas gives Helen a necklace to remember him by.

Years later, KING JAMES has plans for his daughter PRINCESS ANNE to become his successor. King James’s son, PRINCE HENRY, is jealous.

Henry and his male lover ALDRICH conspire to dethrone the King and take over the Kingdom. When an assassination attempts fails, and they fear an investigation, they conspire to begin a witch-hunt to distract the villagers. They scheme to capture Agnes Thatcher and accuse her of being a witch. All the innocent women being killed horrify Anne.

Helen works as a healer. She takes in an orphan EMILY (10).

Thomas’ friends, WILLIAM, BJORN, and outlaw GERROD EASTLEY decide to join the witch-hunt. When Thomas learns that the target is Agnes, he agrees to accompany them.

On the way, Thomas fights with Gerrod. Gerrod stabs Thomas. His friends rush Thomas to a healer, Helen. She has taken on the name of her late aunt, Agnes.

When Thomas and his friends realize that she’s their target, Thomas is conflicted. He falls back in love with Helen and they make love. He convinces his friends to stop their plans to capture Helen. RUFUS, Helen’s…
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