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Jeffrey Fisher Final Paper Eng 102 Professor Peterson Trujillo and the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is not a happy book. The Author, Junot Diaz, does a great job fooling the reader into believing the story is about the De Leon family, specifically Oscar who is an over weight nerd trying to find the love of his life, but due to a family “fuku” or curse Oscar is having a lot of trouble doing so. Instead, the story actually portrays the dark history of the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. Upon reading the stories of Oscar’s relatives the reader feels a powerful message of fear and oppression due to the actions of the Trujillo regime. Even after the demise of…show more content…
Weeks later Abelard was arrested for apparently making jokes about dead bodies in the trunk of his car. Since Trujillo’s henchmen disposed of opponents this way (Abrams, P. 13), he was accused of slandering Trujillo. Abelard spent the rest of his life tortured in prison and all records of his writing and identity were completely demolished by Trujillo and company. Both these stories show the power Trujillo had on his people. Trujillo wanted to make his presence felt everywhere in the Dominican Republic. This is shown when Diaz states “Homeboy dominated Santo Domingo like it was his very own private Mordor; not only did he lock the country away from the rest of the world, isolate it behind the Platano Curtain, he acted like it was his very own plantation, acted like he owned everything and everyone, killed whomever he wanted to kill, sons, brothers, fathers, mothers, took women away from their husbands on wedding nights and then would brag publicly about ‘the great honeymoon’ he had the night before. His eye was everywhere; he had a secret police that out-stasi’d the stasi, that kept watch on everyone, even those everyone’s who lived in the states; a security apparatus so ridiculously mongoose that you could say a bad thing about El Jefe at eight-forty in the morning and before the clock struck ten you’d be in the Cuarenta having a cattleprod shoved up your ass.” (Diaz Oscar Wao 224-225).
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