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In Chicago, 35 to 40 percent of children are likely to screen positive for behavioral/mental health risk developing according to current screenings(AAP, 2013). Additionally the crime rate and gang activity in the youth population has reached the highest point in the last 20 years(Gorner et al., 2016). This upsetting statistic can be linked to deteriorating quality of mental health care in Illinois. The two are directly related to one another because the adolescence brought up in a heavily affected crime area have little to no access to mental health care. As of a fact the state of Illinois closed down 6 of Chicago 's mental health care facilities in 2012 to consolidate care and the balance of the budget(Margaret, 2015). The
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The state of Illinois has been far from transparent in terms of detailing its budget distribution. The Department of Human Services (DHS)did not receive a clear summary from Governor Bruce Rauner detailing the specifics about where he would spend money (Spielman, 2015). Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois condemned Governor Rauner 's lack of transparency. CBHAI is a statewide association of mental health, substance abuse and youth service providers. Marvin Lindsey, CEO of CBHAI said “The epic political standoff between Republican Governor. Bruce Rauner and Democratic lawmakers has left the state without a full budget since last July. As a result, the state 's mental health service infrastructure "is being destroyed." (Fortino, 2016a)
Stopgap 's goal is to dedicate spending to neglected facilities and programs that truly need aid. These programs and facilities have been down or neglected for over 11 months, causing many devastating effects on the mental health community. Not only are those being affected, but people who have individually received money from the state are no longer getting enough funding to even buy general necessities. “Mental health advocates say the state budget impasse is having a "devastating" impact

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