Briefing Paper 4: Ethics Case Study

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Briefing Paper 4: Ethics Cases I think it would be more advantageous for the company to maximize their diesel trucks. While Hydrogen may be the wave of the future, it has not arrived yet. Diesel engines, while nosier that other engines still offer up to 30% better mileage. Than gasoline engines. Diesel has been available for years, it’s relatively cheap to use and offers better mileage and longer engine life than gasoline. But all is not peaches and cream for diesel motors, they are noisy and offer lots of vibration. They are also terrible for the air, so they require more expensive equipment to combat strict emission standards. Because diesel has been a part of our economic system so long all the necessary infrastructure is already in place.…show more content…
The use of a hydrogen fleet, would solve many of the existing emissions issues associated with diesel fuel usage. ”Vision Motor calls their hydrogen tractor a Zero Emissions Terminal Tractor, or ZETA. It's the right thing for southern California because of its benefits to people's health, says LaRosa, citing lung and respiratory diseases blamed on exhaust smoke from internal combustion engines.” ( Hydrogen offers no emissions in the air other than vapor, and fuel economy is better than most gasoline powered vehicles, roughly in the 30-50% range. Currently hydrogen is very costly to produce, and there isn’t enough infrastructure to support a full fleet of
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