Briefing Report on Andragogy

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Assessment 1: Authentic Tasks - Briefing Report on Andragogy What is meant by andragogy? The current business environment is continuously changing and it is vital that Google provides their workforce with effective training and development to ensure that the corporation retains the market position and stay ahead of competitors. However, to propose a suitable training method within an adult workplace, it is important to understand the variety of training models that can be applied, which sets of hypothesis and theories that form the foundation of adult learning and the key principles (Delahaye 2011). The adult learning process is complicated and extremely subjective, there is no single theory that can explain how adults learn. Therefore it is important for educators to understand the fundamental surrounding the process of adult learning, to ensure that the delivery of their training is effective and can respond to the needs of the adult learners (Delahaye 2011). It is common for adults to continue learning after completing secondary education. Whether it is work related, self-improvement, or newfound interest in a particular area, continuation of learning and education are common experience for most adults. There are courses and training facilities widely available for adults, however is not immediately apparent how the educational experience can best be organized and delivered to the adult learner. Adult learning has been described as a separate entity to the tradition

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