Briefing paper on rural housing

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Briefing paper on Rural Housing
Britain has experienced a series of affordable housing crisis in the early 1980s and early 1990s (Bramley, 1994). As Andrew Stonell (2010) stated “Localism works-all over the country there are villages very keen to have low-cost housing for local people and they are prevented by the planning system from having it.” This briefing paper refutes Stonell’s claim and is written to the North Eastern Farming and Rural Advisory Network, which is one of new Rural and Farming Networks. The purpose of this paper is indicating the scale and causes of the rural housing crisis, and demonstrating how the planning system enable the process of affordable rural housing, then
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Instead of “Right to buy” regulation, affordable rented housing will be provided to tenants with a maximum of 80% of the total market rent, and available on both fixed term and regular lease (PPS3, 2011). Affordable rent houses will be let by registered providers and the increase of low cost rent houses would provide decent homes to low-income residents and rural people from other villages. To meet the demand of sustainable development in rural areas, PPS7 required government should follow the planning objectives and regulations set out in PPG3, and the purpose is to provide rural people a decent home. It also indicated that housing requirements and assessment of local affordable housing need should be recognized by local planning authorities. Make sufficient land available and strictly control new house building will promote the construction of low cost houses and make good use of the land.
Milbourne (2008) also highlighted that tracing the cooperation with new partnership will lead a wider series of agencies to afford suitable housing in the countryside. PPS3 (2006) indicated that local authorities are not supposed to formulate affordable housing providers in planning conditions and obligations, a discussion will be needed on how to provide affordable housing and long term arrangement. This planning system will control the housing prices and conditions, in order to prevent the malpractice in

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