Briefly Compare the Political Regime Type in China and India. Which of the Two Would You Prefer to Do Business in and Why?

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POLI3001 Assignment No. 2 Briefly compare the political regime type in China and India. Which of the two would you prefer to do business in and why? India and China are two republics that have experienced very opposing political regimes throughout history. China has been fundamentally stable country with a lack of a distinct authority figure (Desai, 2003). Being a single party state China has been controlled by the Chinese Communist Party since the 5th National Congress held in 1927 (Wang, 2013). Correspondingly India, have always been a federal parliamentary democratic republic where the President of India elected is head of state and the Prime Minister elected is the head of government (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 2013). This…show more content…
India’s domestic business has seen high levels of corruption; more commonly the fraudulent behaviours and bribery of government officials and civil servants. This creates an unlevel playing field between domestic business and foreign business. Evidently this seemingly small issue of corruption could potentially tarnish India’s position as favoured destination of foreign investment (Mendiolaza, 2012). However, this lack of governance is not just seen as disadvantage for India. India is amongst the top 40 nations to have been involved in the highest number of business regulation reforms in the last five years (Innovasjonnorge, n.d.). Reform has eased business operations in India as the mainly concern the introduction of new technology. These technological improvements have led India to be highly industrialised, rather than agriculturally based like in the past. For instance, India is now the world’s biggest manufacturer of small cars (Innovasjonnorge, n.d.). India has a highly dynamic and entrepreneurial business environment (Ford, 2011). The freedom of democracy in India supports the country’s private enterprise greatly. India’s characteristics of sovereignty could very well succeed China’s Communist led, authoritarian growth model (Schuman, 2012). High government intervention has also had positive effects on China’s economy. Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08, China has become increasingly

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