Briefly Explain the Role of Manager, Management and Organisation

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Task 1: 2
Briefly explain: manager, management and organisation. Discuss why managers are important for the success of an organisation; include examples to demonstrate your understanding. 2
Task 2: 4
Select one of the following companies or a company you are familiar with and answer the questions: Virgin, BT, any educational institute, or any retail store 4
a. Discuss the term organisational structure and its significance in achieving organisational success.
Task 2 6
a. Draw an organisational chart and explain the main decisions taken by the managers at top, middle and first line levels of management? 6
Task 3
a. Discuss the vision, mission and corporate strategy of any global organisation of your own choice.
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Discuss the term organisational structure and its significance in achieving organisational success.

Organisational structure

The term organisational structure equates to the composition of the staff hierarchy. Each individual role has a different level of power, authority and functions within the organisation. For example the CEO is the head of the company; his or her vision is what generally drives the company forward. However the vision requires a strong team infrastructure in order for the goals and targets to be met. The strategy to formulate a successful company is to create a healthy balance of customer and employee satisfaction. This is produced by creating specific short and long term goals, understanding the company’s Strengths and Weaknesses acknowledging the potential Threats and Opportunities and devising a strategic plan in order to move forward toward succeeding in the company’s mission.

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”—Peter Drucker There are four main varieties of organisational structure. They are Committees or Juries, Ecologies, Matrix Organisations and Pyramids or hierarchies.

Committees are a group of people who are normally assigned to perform a particular task after a decision has been made. Juries are normally come to a decision generally by voting for a
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