Brien Dryers Communication Of Corporate Mission And Strategy Essay

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1. Evaluate Drake Dryers communication of corporate mission and strategy based on what is said and implied in this article. Recommend improvements. When leading a firm, communication of mission and strategy is of the utmost importance. When communicating a mission and strategy, there are four areas that need to be addressed:

• Investors need to know how the firm is going to make profits.
• Employees need to know the firm’s purpose/mission and how it will add value.
• Customers need to know what the firm is promising to them.
• Stakeholders need to know the common strategies that guide the firms’ actions.

In regards to Drake Dryers (CEO) and ContactOne, it is clear the corporate mission is being interpreted in several different ways, as outlined below:

• Drake: “Marketing is broken. We need to simplify it and fix it.”
• Mary: “What about our mission? We want to change the way this business is done.”
• Isidor: “Part of the ContactOne model is to give people simple solutions, right?”
• Josh: “It’s about growing the business, about how much of the market we can capture.”
• BOD: “Don’t leave money on the table. We want growth.”

To improve the overall performance of the firm, Drake needs to make several improvements. The management team needs to sit down and come to a consensus on what the core mission and strategy of the firm needs to be. As the CEO, Drake is responsible for designing organizations purpose and vision, but the purpose and vision will be useless if nobody else

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