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BRIGADA ESKWELA ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Introduction: The school is an institution which is responsible in molding the learners into a responsibleindividual in the society. This is where one is crafted into a better person, who will be an emblemof the kind of learning center where be was raised.The multifarious concern of school demands working with others to accomplish designed tasksand objectives. These would need dedicated school personnel, cooperative parents, accountablecommunity and innovative learners.DepEd Memorandum No. 12, s. 2006 otherwise known as National Schools Maintenance Week or commonly called Brigada Eskwela, aims to prepare the school one week before its formalopening of classes.The said activity was disseminated…show more content…
Filipina P. Yanga and teachers of Linagit PrimarySchool recruited volunteers who would participate in the brigade. Parents,school alumni and other people from the community were encouraged to jointhe week - long annual program. Since no national government money was putinto Brigada Eskwela (because there was simply no budget for that purpose),private businesses, NGO·s, private individuals and local government weretapped to solicit donations to cover the effort of repair and maintenance of theschool. It was on April when the school physical facilities coordinator and somePTA members performed a school ocular to identify the school facilities thatneed repair and maintenance. After this, the steering committee planneddifferent school·s

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