Bright Dead Things By Ada Limon Summary

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The biggest mistake is an error that you refuse to correct. Many people pass through life without moving to the place they want to move, or quitting the job that they hate. People often grow accustomed to the way their life is, good or bad, and develop a fear of change and the unknown that change might bring. However, change in life such as a death of a loved one or moving to a completely different city can bring so much knowledge and inspiration, whether it be making you realize that the change was beneficial, or the change was a mistake and you learn from it. Throughout the book Bright Dead Things by Ada Limon, Limon uses poetry to share her stories about her life experiences such as the death of her stepmother, and past relationships. These…show more content…
In the poem ‘In A Mexican Restaurant I Recall How Much You Upset Me’ the speaker describes the tough relationship she had with her stepmother and the grudges she held against her such as taking the dog to the pound. Despite their rocky relationship, the speaker still took care of her stepmother while she was dying from cancer. In the poem “What Remains Grows Ravenous”, the speaker describes the gruesome death of her stepmother and how she made sure everything was comfortable so her stepmother could die as peaceful as possible. Instead of telling her how much she hurt her, the speaker decided to put everything aside and focus on her stepmother and her final moments. After her stepmother died, the speaker thought that the death was behind her, but it actually changed her for the better, “I thought everything was behind me:/ death, and dying, and sickness./ I didn't know I was changing my life—/ That I would have done anything,/ that what was left of me would become/ so ruthless to survive” (Limon 30). Seeing her stepmom dying made the speaker realize how short and temporary life is. Although she had to lose someone in order to realize this, it changed the way she thought and benefitted her life in the long run. Her stepmothers death was a turning point in her life where she realized that she is living and dying at the same time, and wants to take control of her destiny and live the best life that she
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